Exterior house painting is the most effective way to boost the curb appeal of your house. Arclight Painting makes it easier than ever to give your home a complete makeover without hassle, headaches, or worries.  Your team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals will deliver the highest quality results so you get a final product you can be truly proud of and that your neighbors will envy.

Some of the exterior painting services we provide include:

  • Power washing (to remove dirt, mildew and oils so new paint adheres and absorbs properly)

  • Paint Removal (to ensure old paint doesn’t continue to peel)

  • Priming (to block stains and provide better color consistency)

  • Complete surface preparation (puttying, caulking, and filling holes)

  • Wood restoration (to repair rotten or insect damaged structures)

  • Highest quality paint selections specifically ideal for your project

  • Safe work practices to ensure there are no accidents

  • Thorough clean up after every work day