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Exterior Pre-Painting Checklist

The following checklist will assist you in being prepared for your home to be painted, and it will also help complete your project with less disruption to your daily routine.

Prior to our arrival please:

  • Provide your final color choices to us so we can order your paint. (If you require a color consultation, please contact us to schedule.)

  • Ensure you have HOA approval (if applicable).

  • Cut back all bushes that are touching the house/fence and take down vines which are close to or connected to the house.

  • Remove and store all items that are near your house that might get in the way, or you would not want to get wet during pressure

  • Make sure all windows are closed prior to our arrival for pressure

  • Make arrangements to contain or remove your pets during the

  • Provide us access to water and electricity. (We should not need access to your garage or home for any reason.)

  • If we will need your doors open to paint them, arrange with us a day when we can have them unlocked.

  • Provide us with a phone number where you may be reached during the

  • You have hired professionals who do this every day. We understand the disruption caused by having work done at your home and we will do everything possible to make it as extraordinary of an experience for you as possible.

Your Arclight Painting team will:

  • Perform an initial walk through with you before starting the job to acquaint you with the team and make sure everyone is in the same page.

  • Maintain daily communication with you to inform you of progress and the expected completion.

  • Cover all walkways and patio floors with tarps or plastic

  • Cover all patio furniture with plastic

  • Remove any fixtures or lighting as necessary (and replace them upon completion of the )

  • Set up a workstation where all paint and tools will be organized every day.

  • Provide their own garbage cans and maintain a clean job site.

For a printable copy of this checklist click here: Exterior Pre-Painting Checklist

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